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California Dreaming…?

Posted on 21 April 2018 by admin (0)

Travel to California and walk through its towering redwood forests, lounge on one of its world-class beaches, and sample its award-winning wines. Having opportunity to visit its bustling cities and take in the breathtaking views, experiences and culinary delights the golden state has to offer. California travel offers something for everyone. Real piece of land for everyone who enjoy to travel , California gives you the chance to Drive the narrow, winding, spectacular route to Big Sur: Nacimiento-Fergusson Road a  two-lane highway, begins in the Salinas Valley countryside north of Paso Robles, next to the often-overlooked Mission San Antonio de Padua and the Army’s Ft. Hunter-Liggett. From there it creeps through forest and chaparral to the crest of the Santa Lucia Mountains.
And of course Every real downtown has a park to serve as urban backyard, and Grand Park is more proof that L.A.’s downtown is getting realer by the day.
Make your way to San Francisco’s iconic bridge to spy on cargo ships threading through pylons painted ‘International Orange.’ Memorize the 360-degree views of the rugged Marin Headlands, downtown skyscrapers and the speck that is Alcatraz. Not too far away, you could spend days getting lost in Golden Gate Park without uncovering all of its secrets, like the paddleboat pond and bison paddock, or fully exploring its innovative science and art museums. Weekend traffic closures make the park even more of a paradise for pedestrians and cyclists.
For over 150 years , ALCATRAZ  – the name has given the innocent chills and the guilty cold sweats. Over the decades, it’s been the nation’s first military prison, a forbidding maximum-security penitentiary and disputed territory between Native American activists and the FBI. No wonder that first step you take onto ‘the Rock’ seems to cue ominous music
If you’re not from California, you may never have seen a redwood tree. And if you are from California, chances are you haven’t been to Redwood National Park.
In either case, you will feel sorry if you missed this. Because this is one of the best -and underrated – National Parks in all of the U.S. Picture it: a collection of the tallest, largest and oldest trees in the world, spread out as far as the eye can see. Since these giants’ thick, tannin-soaked bark is naturally insect-repellant, there aren’t a lot of bugs around… and consequently, not a lot of anything besides the trees and you. Few forests are as silent as Redwood National Park. Or clean. Oh, did I mention the Pacific Ocean is right next to this forest? Few places in California are as dramatic as where the redwoods meet the Pacific.
Arguably the most scenic drive in America, the Pacific Coast Highway follows Highway 1 down the northern coast and provides stunning views of the coastline and sea. The best part for sure is from Big Sur down to San Luis Obispo. The thing about California is that unless you live up north, you never see trees. You have all seasons in California, but the beach is also not as great. Nothing beats the Gulf of Mexico because of the warm water. The Gulf is infested with sharks during specific periods of time. Galveston beach in Texas. The Texas heat beats California except for Death Valley. Earlier I mentioned Mission San Antonio de Padua, and it reminded me of Texas. San Antonio of course. I had a long time friend and business partner in San Antonio, Texas who I referred a lot of work too. He grew up in California, but loved Texas a lot more.
Most of the state enjoys mild temperatures year-round, so visit California at your leisure. However, keep in mind that the climate varies considerably as you move south to north. Winters can get chilly in the north (and rainfall is considerably more common. In the south, including Los Angeles, temperatures remain high  year-round.